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Ballin’ like his last name: Jordan’s 6 first half scores shows his size doesn’t hinder his abilities

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

By Jordyn J. Bennett

DOWNINGTOWN, Penn. — When your last name is Jordan, the corny jokes, unrealistic

comparisons and easy layups for lazy sports writers to conjure a captivating lede in a story about you

becomes just as natural and routine as brushing your teeth in the morning. When a player lives up to that

name, however, well, that changes everything.

You stop laughing at the jokes and start to ponder the truth in the comedy; those unrealistic

comparisons become foreseeable labels; that sports writer doesn’t have a choice but to say “This kid is

ballin’ like Mike.”

For Bishop Shanahan High School senior quarterback Cooper Jordan, all he’s been doing is


In Shanahan’s 49-8 dismantling of Penn Wood High School (Lansdowne) on Sept. 30, the Eagles

leader compiled an astounding six touchdowns in just the first half of the game. Jordan said his incredible

performance was motivated by a tough loss to Downingtown East High School the week before.

“I was tryna make the people see that we weren’t out of (playoff contention) and that loss wasn’t

going to bring us down,” Jordan said. “I was just trying to send a message.”

That message was sealed, stamped and delivered by six trips to the end zone spread through the

air and ground.

More than 50 percent of the senior’s completions turned into scores, seeing his 7-13 completed

attempts (54 percent) turn into four touchdowns. He was equally efficient on the ground, carrying the ball

only four times, reaching pay dirt twice. His four air strikes were accompanied by 123 yards, while his

minuscule four carries came with 87 yards.

Jordan is capable of putting on performances like that on a weekly basis, and he wanted to make

sure people know that he can do it.

“(People should) not see me as I am underlooked... keep an eye out,” he said.

Most of those looks he misses go astray due to his smaller frame; however, we live in an era

where size doesn’t always take precedence. Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeVonta Smith stands at

just 6’, 170 lbs, but didn’t let that stop him from earning the respect of everyone in the football sphere. He

was awarded the Heisman Trophy in 2020 before coming off the board as the 10th pick in the 2021 NFL


Size didn’t stop Smith from earning a scholarship to the greatest college football team ever and

leading them to a national title, and it won’t stop Jordan from achieving the things he wants to either.

“It motivates you because I feel like I have to prove a point,” Jordan said about his size. “I think

that’s something that I’m grateful for as well. It’s something that makes other players think I’m not up to

par with them, and I know I am. I catch them in a sneaky way and perform my best.”

His skill hidden beneath his smaller stature won’t just be catching opponents off guard, it catches

the attention of those watching. And if you haven’t been you better start watching Cooper Jordan.

Michael Jordan paved away for the world to want to be “Like Mike;” but the way the senior

quarterback is performing, he’s making a claim for why people should want to be “Like Coop.”

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