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A little is enough: Rayborn thrives with little attempts By Jordyn J. Bennett

Updated: Apr 19

NEWTOWN SQUARE, Penn. — “Make the most of your opportunities.”

The age old cliché is being said across locker rooms nationwide either motivating kids to step up and make the big play or appeasing their psyches through a lack of opportunities. Episcopal Academy (Newtown Square) junior quarterback Narome Rayborn is no stranger to that conversation, however, it’s by his own doing.

This is Rayborn’s second No Lackin’ Lifestyle player of the week this season. He earned his first in a 42-7 victory over the Hill School (Pottstown), where he completed 10-15 passes and for two touchdowns and an interception. The Class of 2024 was crowned this week after completing less passes and scoring more in a 49-7 demolition of the Blair Academy (Blairstown, N.J.): 7-8 passes completed (87.5%), 101 passing yards and three passing touchdowns.

“As long as our team is winning and I am helping us get to our goal, the amount of pass attempts I have is the least of my concerns when it comes to the success of the team,” Rayborn said.

In four games (Episcopal did not record its stats in its 51-10 win over All Saints out of Fort Worth, Texas), Rayborn has only thrown the ball 48 times. He has, however, completed 36 of those passes, throwing 11 touchdowns and just one interception. Hitting the endzone on nearly every third completed pass, Rayborn puts all his trust in his coaches play calling .

“I know that whatever plays our coaches are calling are going to put us in a position to win the game, and whether that involves me running more often than passing or passing more than I run, I’m going to do everything to the best of my ability,” he said. “However, throughout these past five games, having a clean pocket — thanks to the o-line — and having very talented receivers, it gives me the confidence to give my wide receivers opportunities.”

Humble and modest, Rayborn has nothing but admiration for his coaches and teammates. But those who know the game are recognizing Rayborn without him having to say anything.

Since his last honor, Rayborn has been in contact with Temple and Ivy League schools Brown and Penn. It’s only just the beginning for the continuously growing stud QB.

“I look forward to hearing from more in the future.”

Who will win the Inter-Ac League this year?

  • Episcopal Academy (5-0)

  • Germantown Academy (5-0)

  • Haverford School (5-0)

  • Malvern Prep (5-0)

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