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Hustle is sold separately: Spivey stands out on field while juggling school and work

Updated: Jan 18

By Jordyn J. Bennett

PHOENIXVILLE, Penn. — After four quarters of running around cramping, thumping and sweating, Saturdays and Sundays are for rest, recovery and getting your mind right for next week’s game. That’s not the case for Phoenixville Football’s Ahmid Spivey.

While many of his teammates were celebrating their 35-7 trampling of Bishop Shanahan (Downingtown, Penn.) over the weekend, Spivey spent his time at his local CVS, where he works the weekends and Wednesdays on top of his football and school obligations.

Quite the celebration for someone coming off of a game where he racked up 206 receiving yards and two touchdowns on only five catches.

“I get paid $15 an hour, I can’t even trip about that,” Spivey said laughing.

The senior may joke about his loaded schedule, but when it’s time for business, it is no laughing matter: All he knows is work.

Spivey is someone who couldn’t find his way to be seen in his earliest high school years, standing at only 5’9” and 155 pounds. Playing his last high school season and recognizing he no longer had time to waste, the undersized receiver showed that he would be one of the biggest playmakers in the Philadelphia area this season as one of No Lackin’ 7-on-7’s most reliable targets.

“(No Lackin’) kinda woke me up like, yeah, I’m this good, I can actually go places,” he said. “I kinda just got a different mindset from there and just took off.”

Spivey caught his confidence and ran with it playing 7-on-7 — he’s replicating that weekly on the field.

He brought life to the Phantoms after taking a catch in the middle of the field 77 yards to the house for Phoenixville’s opening score. His second touchdown, a 55-yard scamper down the sideline, was solidified after he made a shifty move to get by the last line of defense — a common theme as he never let just one man bring him down all season.

In just two games, Spivey has totaled 312 receiving yards, eight receptions and three touchdowns. He even added an interception return for a score, holding down Phoenixville’s secondary.

Spivey has finally found his place on the field. With plans to only do better as the season goes on, it’s a place he wants to see himself at for years to come at the next level.

“This is my last year, and I’m really trying to go places, obviously. I really gotta do what I gotta do and be different from everybody else.”

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