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No such thing as not enough: Time and size for Jordan is not a problem. By Jordyn J. Bennett

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

DOWNINGTOWN, Penn. — Standing under center at 5’11”, 160 pounds, it's easy to miss Bishop Shanahan High School (Downingtown) senior quarterback Cooper Jordan.

​But before you pass judgment, you’re not missing him because he’s “undersized,” you’re missing him because he does so well so fast, if you blink, he’s probably finished for the day.

​The senior played only one quarter on Sept. 10 after easily racking up 124 yards and three touchdowns in the air against Central High School (Philadelphia). Jordan said that his focus is second-to-none when it comes to his “game time mentality.”

​“I can’t be put out of it and I’m ready to play,” Jordan said.

​Preparation and studying went into this, but Jordan has been being groomed for this for years.

​Despite his lack of size, Jordan is a three-year starter for Shanahan, growing only two inches and putting on forty pounds since his sophomore year. His frame may not be the expectation for the quarterback position, but no one can ever question his heart.

​No matter where he is on the field and who makes the play, you’ll see Jordan celebrating with the utmost enthusiasm and intensity: he loves to win.

​“Giving my team life, leading by example and getting them fired up so they know we’re in this together so we rally off each other's energy,” is what Jordan said drives his body language on the field. “I try to (bring) as much energy as I can so we can start a fire and build on that.”

​Building his team is what he loves the most.

​Less time on the field means less exposure for an under recruited, undersized and — overall — underrated prospect — but he isn’t worried about those things. He’s more enticed by the fact that his teammates get a chance to shine.

​“I just love to watch and see them play and (let them) see the varsity experience,” he said. “I don’t take it personally actually, I love to see it. I love it.”

​His unselfishness is matched with a 3.4 GPA that he hopes carries him to the next level along with his abilities. He loves the game of football, and despite not having any offers yet, he feels his training and his abilities make him a suitable candidate to compete at the next level.

​“It’s definitely the time that I put in,” Jordan said. “I put in a lot of time in the film room, watching film; I put a lot of time in my technique; a lot of time grinding, getting my speed up. I think I’ve worked very, very, very hard and I feel like my athleticism is really, really good for the level I’m at. So when I get to that next level, with all that work that I put in the offseason, I’m going to be great at the college level.”

​He still has a number of games to prove to coaches and scouts that he is capable of playing for them. On his way to proving himself, he wants to prove to everyone around that he is capable of leading a team to a district championship.

​Jordan has his work cut out for him in his next game, squaring off against Downingtown East High School, who is ranked as one of the top 20 teams in the state.

In a matchup like that, Jordan is definitely going to have to play four quarters of football. But that’s just 48 minutes to show that he is made for this game.

“It’s going to be my mindset,” he said. “If me and the team can focus up and play together, put time in that needs to be put in… that’s basically it.”


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